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The Ultimate in Back-Care and Comfort:

        The Nada-Chair works by using reverse pressure from the knees to stabilize your pelvis. When the muscles that hold the pelvis in the upright position become fatigued, they give up and the pelvis drops backward causing the whole spine to slump. The Nada-Chair secures the pelvis in its natural upright position thereby balancing the upper back on a stable foundation. When the low back is supported, the upper back automatically sits up straight. Meanwhile, tired back muscled are allowed to relax comfortably. 
The basic "S'port Backer" model (above) targets just the right spot on most people and is ultra-portable. It zips into itself to form a 10 ounce pouch you can take anywhere! 
--It'll really save your back in the bleachers. 
All our products are very versatile-- 
They can be used virtually anywhere you sit! Canoes, boats, deer stands, watching television, at the computer (I have one on right now), picnic tables, as a passenger in a car, even cross-legged on the ground. 
The deluxe "Back-Up" (above) was designed with the terminal sitter in mind. It has a thicker, wider pad across the back and the knees. Many who sit for hours on end prefer this model. The "Back-Up" is also self-contained and portable. 

The Nada-Chair is easy to use: 
--While sitting, position the pad across the small of your back. 
--Place the straps around your knees, connect the center clasp, and position the pads across the upper shins. 
--Simply lean forward as you pull the ends of the straps forward. Lean back and relax. You'll know if it's tight enough, you'll be sitting up straight! 
--If it's too snug, just lift up on the quick-adjust tabs to loosen. 
--Connect the Velcro straps on each side across your waist. Now you can stand and the Nada-Chair stays in place until you sit again. 

The Original ActiVest (khaki) 


The ActiVest-Sport (olive) 

Pricing Information 
S'port Backer: 
ActiVest (any size and style) $110.00 each 
Get a free S'port Backer with each vest purchase! 
-Free Shipping!- 
Wis. residents add 5.5% tax. 
The Ultimate Nada-Chair: 
What if you could wear a great-looking vest that could become your favorite chair, anywhere? 
You can! Our ActiVest has the patented Nada-Chair back support built right in! 
There are two styles to choose from: The Original ActiVest (khaki) and the ActiVest Sport (olive). The Original has a solid back, zip-out hood, and 10 pockets. The Sport features a vented mesh back, zip-out hood, and 14 pockets. 
Pull a pair of straps from the side pockets, fit them over your knees and lean back. 
Reverse-bracing provides active lumbar support that instantly releives back strain. 
Perfect posture without strain, anywhere you go. 
        The Nada-Chair is a registered orthopedic device recommended and prescribed by chiropractors and physical therapists. It has been proven that with consistent use, the Nada-Chair can actually improve your posture, even when not wearing the device. 

And we believe in our products: 
      We offer a no-questions-asked 90-day money-back guarantee. 
That's 3 full months to try it out, get familiar with the product, and make sure it is a worthwhile investment.